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Traveling Pay & Benefits

Top Quality Pay & Benefits for Our Traveling Employees

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What amount of income can I anticipate making as a traveling healthcare provider?

It's not a one-answer-fits-all response. There are a few factors and variables that can determine how much your earning potential can be. This can include:

For greatest earning opportunity, try to not limit yourself (when possible) to only one area. Being open to different locations can assist in finding assignments with greater pay.

Most Valuable Benefits from Healthy Travel Staffing

Competitive Pay

Transparency is the name of the game with us. Our pay and compensation packages are fair and clear. So you'll know exactly what each assignment pays upfront.

Sick Pay

We care for others, but we make sure you can care for yourself. You’ll start accruing sick time after 90-days on assignment! You’ll earn 1-hour of PTO after every 30 hours worked!

Retirement Fund

Now is the time to think about the future. And we're here to help you with that. That's why Healthy Travel Staffing offers a 401(k)-Employee matching  up to 4% at day one!

Weekly Pay

Getting you pay as soon as possible is imperative. So we get you setup for easy Direct Deposit. That way, your money goes straight into your hands. Well, virtually that is.

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Medical Benefits

One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is your healthcare. As our employee, you are eligible for our one of our High or Low Deductible Medical Plans.

Supplemental Benefits

You're important to us, and we know sometimes packages might not include quite everything you need. That's why we offer a range of supplemental benefits for you.

Medical Team

Work can be stressful -- FACTS.

You want to be able to focus on the assignment at hand, and not if things are taken care of back at home.

We help ease some of that stress by knowing the amazing benefits you select, have your most prominent needs covered. 

We're Humans caring for Humans. And that's why Healthy Travel Staffing is rated #1 for traveling medical professionals.


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