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WELCOME TO 2023!!!

Wow, the year 2022 flew by and we are now in 2023 and half way through the month of January. We are truly grateful for all of our clients and employees, if it wasn't for you all Healthy Travel Staffing Agency would not exist. 2022 was a very eventful year, we gained new clients and hired a ton of employees. As we are entering the coldest winter months, one can only imagine whats in store for the United States. Will there be another pandemic, will the country be shutting down again, what direction are we as country heading in. As we sit back and process all that has happened and all that is to come, the one takeaway that we can walk away with as we enter into 2023 is that, " as a country WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER". One can only hope for the best. No matter what direction we are heading in, Healthy Travel Staffing Agency will continue to staff and be a solution to all healthcare facilities in the United States staffing shortage.

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