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3 Steps for Easy Meditation

There's no right or wrong way to meditate. Mediation is about finding a few minutes, can be as little as 3 minutes of quiet and mindfulness. By incorporating meditation into your daily routine, the serotonin in your body will increase, giving you the opportunity to decompress, reset, and feel good.

While you can meditate in 3 minutes, it's recommended to give yourself 5 -30 minutes. Here we give you 3 easy steps to get you started to focusing on you and your #selfcare.

Let's get to it!

Step 1

Find a place free from distractions. This can be in your bedroom, anywhere outside, and even in your car (but only when it's parked and safe to do so). Find a comfortable position. This can be sitting upright, palms up. Or some lay down, with their feet touching, knees pointed out, hands/arms in a comfortable position. Set a timer on your phone for the allotted time, but put your phone on silent so you won't get distracted from and notifications.

Step 2

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in (through your nose), and while your doing that, count to one. Then slowly exhale (out your mouth), and as you exhale, in your mind, say two. Do this for at least 10 counts. If your mind starts to wonder's okay. This is normal to occur. When that happens, just slowly guide yourself back to focusing on how you're body feels as you inhale...and exhale....

Just breathe....focus ONLY on your breathing. How it feels. Is the care coming in cooling? Can you feel your lungs expanding?

If you lose count as to where you were in your 10 count, that too is alright...especially as you are starting out. When that happens, just pause... inhale again (still thinking to yourself "ONE"), and exhale ("TWO") and whatever number count you last remember, just pick up from there.

Step 3

You may fall asleep. And that's okay - well, as long as you aren't late for your next task. Continue breathing and starting your 10 count over again, until your time concludes and you are ready to open your eyes. When you open your eyes, say one thing you are are grateful for and let that positive energy continue throughout your day.

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