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5 Tips for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

While you may or may not know some of these tips - it never hurts for a quick refresher. I am always happy when that "AH HA" moment happens after reading Tip #3.

Let's get to it then!


Tip # 1

Make sure you have read and understand your contract in its entirety prior to signing the contract.

Tip # 2

It's ok to travel far away from home because being flexible opens more opportunities. Take family pictures with you and create a schedule for yourself to continue healthy habits.

Tip # 3

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the facility and city that you will be working in prior to your arrival. Ensure your hotel is near a grocery store and has some walkability.

Tip # 4

Always remember that you may not like the facility that you are working in, however its only temporary. Finish it out and think of it as only 18-36 days of working but never compromise your license or mental health.

Tip # 5

Try and make the most of your free time. Explore the city on your off days and ask for recommendations of restaurants or historic city sites.

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